Data Infrastructure.

Growth begins with architecting a tailored infrastructure that efficiently gathers and refines raw data into actionable insights, enabling higher impact decision making.

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What you can't observe, you can't control

Understanding how to acquire, activate and retain customers requires a deep understanding of their behaviour. If you are unable to observe their behaviour, then you won't be able to influence it.

That is the core idea behind having a proper data infrastructure setup. It is the collection of tools and systems that help you measure your business to produce insights that drive growth.

A well-set infrastructure yields valuable data for informed decision-making, while a poor setup leads to decisions based on inaccurate or misleading information – a classic 'garbage in, garbage out' scenario.

We often find that businesses either have a data infrastructure they aren't fully utilizing, have a subpar setup, or in some cases, lack one entirely.

Many companies don’t have the team or the tools to properly measure their business. These problems are common, mostly because modern marketing analytics is relatively new.

This is where our expertise comes into play. For most, a robust setup with Google Analytics (GA), Google Tag Manager (GTM), and a few other tools is sufficient. With our experience at Google, we can help you establish a growth-driven framework. As your business evolves, we also guide you towards more advanced solutions, whether it's a Customer Data Platform (CDP) or custom solutions, ensuring your infrastructure grows with your business.

Common Symptoms

I don’t understand the incrementality of our advertising campaigns (I’m not even sure what incrementality is).

I’m concerned about losing the ability to track users.

I don’t know how to account for multiple touch points over time with customers.

My CEO/CFO is asking me to justify spend.

We have conflicting numbers for a single metric.

I can’t see the full customer funnel.

I don’t know where new customers are dropping off in the funnel.

I know I need to be "data-driven" but I don't know how.

Turning Data Into Insight

Many companies have inadequate or disjointed data tools, leading to significant data loss and a lack of understanding of business performance, causing them to miss targets and remain unclear about the reasons behind their success or failure.

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Product Analytics

To outpace competitors, move beyond basic customer surveys. Product analytics offers a quantitative view of how customers truly use your products, beyond just what they say.

This method converts unstructured data into actionable insights, revealing what works and what doesn't, and guiding focused improvements. It's essential for understanding user interactions, especially in digital products.

Attribution & Reporting

To transform your company into a growth machine, focus on understanding the customer conversion journey and the key touch points.

This requires an effective attribution model and reporting systems for swift, data-driven decisions. Proper data management is crucial; misplaced or overwhelming data can hinder decision-making or lead to incorrect choices.

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Our holistic growth approach enables us to drive growth across multiple industries. We've seen what works across the board. This positions us uniquely, empowering our partners to innovate and outpace the competition.

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